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Jesse Plemons to play a real-life Saturday Night Live writer

Jesse Plemons and Sissy Spacek will play the leads in Other People, a new movie from Saturday Night Live writer Chris Kelly. Adam and Naomi Scott are producing the film, which will also serve as Kelly’s directorial debut. Other People is somewhat autobiographical for Kelly, with Plemons taking on the role of a gay SNL writer who returns home to Sacramento to be with his mother (Spacek, in some inspired casting), who’s in the final stages of terminal cancer. While Plemons/Kelly is in Sacramento, he’ll also deal with a painful recent breakup and, according to The Wrap, “reconcile with his conservative father’s disapproving attitude regarding his sexuality.” Production on the movie is slated to start next year.

Kelly has been an SNL writer since 2011 and has also written for Funny Or Die, The Onion News Network, and Broad City.


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