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We haven’t heard much about Charlie Kaufman’s next movie—an adaptation of Ian Reid’s I’m Thinking Of Ending Things—since Toni Collette, Jesse Plemons, and Jessie Buckley joined the cast back in March, but now Plemons is offering some fun teases. This comes from a GQ interview about Plemons’ recent career moves, and though there aren’t many specific things he can say about I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, he does say that the director “Kaufman-ized” the original book in some way, which GQ’s Tom Philips points out was already scary in a “visceral way.” Plemons also reveals that Kaufman only kept “maybe 15 percent of the dialogue” from the actual book, so it will apparently be somewhat similar to the original but more “Kaufman-ized.”


Plemons says shooting the film started off intense, with him being “in a car every day” for the first week and doing “on average 11 pages a day, every day, on a stage” with “prop guys throwing snow.” He says calling it “psychological torture” is “too strong” (so this isn’t a Lighthouse situation), but he and Buckley eventually “became delirious” and were just “laughing a lot” during the shoot. So that sounds kind of fun, at least, even if it was the service of a viscerally scary story that has also been Kaufman-ized.

The GQ chat also touches on Fargo, Black Mirror, and El Camino, with special attention given to Plemons’ impressive ability to play total creeps and killers.

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