Good news, future meth dealers of America: Now you, too, can experience the thrill of living in a house that slowly came to function as an allegory for the decay of a young man’s sense of identity. Digital Spy reports the house where Jesse Pinkman resided on AMC’s Breaking Bad is for sale, and it will only cost you a mere $1.6 million. That’s barely, what—like a few weeks’ worth of cooking?

If you head on out to Albuquerque, you can see it for yourself. Two stories, four bedrooms, two porches, and an encroaching sense of helplessness can all be yours. Real estate group Coldwell Banker also stresses the original wood floors and stone-frame doors, windows, chimneys, and fireplaces, but oddly, mentions another little detail in the press release. “Meth lab not included,” it adds, confirming that no one at Coldwell Banker ever actually watched the show, because Jesse may not have been a chemistry genius like Walter, but he certainly never did any meth cooking in his own home. He (anonymously) paid good money to his parents for that place, after all.

Image by Eric Trujillo/Coldwell Banker Legacy

Coldwell Banker broker Alicia Feil Peterson also made sure to stress the fact that the house exists in the real world, and not in the universe of Breaking Bad, and as such, having wild all-night rave parties would likely be frowned upon by the neighbors. ”It’s a really quiet neighborhood,” she emphasizes, although that sounds exactly like what someone trying to hide a community-wide meth operation would say.