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Jesse Pinkman finds a friend in the first full trailer for El Camino

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Vince Gilligan wants you to go into El Camino as blind as possible, it appears, an approach with which we heartily agree. The Breaking Bad spin-off film’s first two teasers have been mere glimpses, a bit of atmosphere, and this full trailer, which unfolds across more than two minutes, isn’t dissimilar.


In it, we see Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman bring his battered, scarred body to the house of Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), where he and Badger (Matt Jones) provide Jesse a bed, a shower, and a shave. From there, it’s a series of gorgeous shots—many highlighting the sun-baked grandeur of Albuquerque—that both prepare us for a tense stand-off with local police and a possible reunion with Emily Rios’ Andrea. But it’s not his former girlfriend that Jesse seeks out once he’s free, it’s another, more mysterious figure, one with a mangled left hand. “You ready?” the man asks. “Yeah,” Jesse replies, a smile on his face.

It’s unclear who it is, and some could very well posit it to be Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, though the death count laid out in the last teaser confirmed that Walter is definitely dead. Who, then, might Jesse trust in this time? And what, pray tell, happened to his hand?

Dead or no, it’s likely that Cranston will be returning in some capacity, what with Jonathan Banks confirming that his deceased Mike Ehrmantraut will make an appearance. Flashbacks? Ghosts? Not ghosts. That would be lame.


Anyways, we’re just glad to get a satisfying trailer that still leaves us knowing nothing about the film we’re about to see. That, you see, is how one builds anticipation.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie pulls into Netflix’s driveway on October 11.


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