Preacher (Photo: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)

Jesse and Herr Starr had their first real meeting in last week’s Preacher episode, “Puzzle Piece,” but they’ve been wrestling with the same sense of disillusionment all season long. Their connection will go beyond that, though, if Herr Starr has anything to do with it. He’s had a revelation about Jesse, and it’s enough for him to arrange another meeting for the wanderin’ preacher. In this exclusive clip, we see Jesse getting face time with the Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God. Or, as even non-believers might know him—and as Herr Starr introduces him—his holiness, the Pope.


We’ll find out what this tête-à-tête with the heads of the Grail, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, means for Jesse and the rest of the gang—and what the “Dirty Little Secret” of the episode title is—when Preacher returns Monday, August 21.