(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Jim Spellman)

Jesse Eisenberg is best known for his movie roles, where he plays evil tech geniuses, different evil tech geniuses, and weird magic guys, but heā€™s really going to show what heā€™s made of for a new TV project from J.J. Abramsā€™ Bad Robot production company. The show is a half-hour comedy called The Market, and Eisenberg is set to direct, write, and star in it, meaning heā€™ll be doing a whole lot more than playing an evil tech guy or a magician.

Deadline says the show is about a recently widowed man who moves to Pittsburgh to live with his son, Eisenbergā€™s character. Both men coincidentally lose their jobs shortly after that ā€œdue to the changing American economy,ā€ and then they both have to enter the ā€œunforgiving job marketā€ together. Eisenberg is an accomplished playwright and a contributor to The New Yorker, so he has some experience writing, but it remains to be seen if The Market will rise above its very sitcom-y premise.