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Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart swap cards, do a very awkward interview

In a Funny Or Die video to promote their new film American Ultra, co-stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg flip the script on the typical press junket. Written by Alex Scordelis and Amos Vernon, the interview sketch lets Stewart ask Eisenberg the questions she usually gets on a press tour and vice versa. Eisenberg quickly realizes just how easy he usually has it when Stewart hits him with questions about his favorite designers, his relationship status, whether or not he’s pregnant, and nip slips. Hey, these aren’t about the movie at all! Women seriously get asked the dumbest questions during press junkets.

Eisenberg, meanwhile, gets to throw some softballs at Stewart about her favorite sports teams and impressions. The co-stars remain fully committed to the bit, but Stewart is especially hilarious in her deadpan reactions to Eisenberg’s discomfort. “Now I know what it’s like to be a woman,” Eisenberg confesses at the end, admitting his defeat to prankmaster Stewart.


Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg's Awkward Interview from Funny Or Die

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