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Jersey Shore's Snooki and Lindsay Lohan set off hot new drink-throwing trend

In case their blanket saturation of all things media hasn’t already soured you on their increasingly self-aware antics, RadarOnline offers a brief preview today of this summer’s Jersey Shore 2: Assignment Miami Beach, by way of yet another bar fight involving Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. The reality star—who (fun fact!) was once charged with illegally selling booze to her own high school classmates at a party she hosted, which resulted in a teen’s drunk driving death—was enjoying her newfound fame as an object of ironic-or-is-it? worship at a South Beach bar when a “beefy brute” approached her and said something she did not take kindly to, spurring Snooki to retaliate with a face-slap/sandwich-toss/cocktail-fling combo. Luckily there were cameras around—both MTV and amateur—so we can all continue staring into this hall of mirrors together and daring each other to blink.

Coincidentally, Snooki’s incident comes at the same time Lindsay Lohan is involved in her own drink-flinging scandal: Having announced via Twitter that she is “done with the club scene” following a “glimpse of reality,” Page Six discerned that the actual reason for Lohan’s newfound distaste for downtown may be that she was banned from L.A. club Trousdale after throwing a glass at ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s head while she was DJing—which was later confirmed on Ronson’s Twitter feed. (The magic of crowdsourcing!) So, between Snooki and Lohan, this cocktail-throwing thing is only one more incident involving a famous person away from getting its own New York Times trend piece, right?

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