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Jersey Shore's fourth season to film in Italy

Adding to its intercontinental creep, Jersey Shore is set to move its minestrone minstrel show to the mother country in its just-announced fourth season, with the cast relocating to Italy for a summer of absorbing culture, history, and angry stares. The press release promises that the change of scenery will find America’s chief cultural exports “poised to get their G.T.L. on abroad, ready to drop in on Vinny’s family for a famous Guadagnino dinner, and excited to trade gorillas for Italian stallions” in their quest to turn “the beautiful country upside down.” But surely it won't be all bread and circuses and international incidents: Just think of all the stunning Romanesque architecture they can barf on, or the lovely frescos Ronnie and Sammi can stare blankly at as their codependent spiral becomes inflamed by one of the most romantic places on earth. If only Fellini were still alive, this could have been his contemporary companion piece to Satyricon.


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