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Jersey Shore producers issue open casting call for redneck reality show

As first reported by TMZ, Doron Ofir Casting, which loosed the self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes of Jersey Shore upon the world, is hoping to do the same with “12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin’ it country” on its new reality show Party Down South, and give ironic-or-is-it fame to a similar batch of id-driven stereotypes, this time with funnier accents. The group is said to be planning a road trip in a “casting RV” through states like Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia, combing the land for “people who want to party their asses off on the sickest reality show during one All-American summer” and occasionally get punched when things start to drag.

“If you like your chicken fried, drive a pickup truck, and you’re full of American pride”—and yet you can’t make it to one of the RV casting sessions—you can still “holler if you’re blue collar” at the show’s website, where you can submit a video audition, as well as answer questions like “What makes you ‘country’?” and “BRAG! What are your best assets? Physical, material, and social.” Be sure to read the audition letter first, which includes hints for what to talk about, such as whether your relationship status is “singlin’ and minglin’” or “hit it and quit it,” followed by an encouragement to “open up and really tell us about yourself” so the show can best gauge how to mock you without being totally obvious about it.


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