Having thoroughly explored the fragile bonds forged through shared cultural identity, manipulative contrivances, and cheap vodka, Jersey Shore executive producer SallyAnn Salsano is moving on to her next study of human relationships in all their loudest and most melodramatic forms. VH1 has picked up Salsano’s Mama Drama, which according to the network’s Jeff Olde “speaks to a new cultural definition of age with women in their 40s and 50s no longer constrained by rules about how they need to dress or act.” And to that cultural definition, it says, “Ewww, gross,” following daughters whose mothers live vicariously through them as their “BFFs,” all in a desperate, Dina Lohan-like effort to cling to their youth. Adding to that inherent competitiveness, these mother-daughter combos will all share a house, where the mothers will come to terms with how they’ve lost sight of the need to be a good role model and contributed to the stunting of their daughter’s personal growth. Just kidding, that would be boring. Instead they’ll all go to nightclubs and do shots and grind on each other, then head back to the house for some drunken, intensely personal fights. “Hey, I didn’t come here to make friends—I can get pregnant for that,” someone says, hopefully.