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Jersey Shore cast's payscale leaks out like boozy sweat after a long night at Karma

Legal documents were filed yesterday in a dispute between ICM and—eyeroll implied—Blowout Entertainment, Pauly D's company,  revealing just how much the cast of Jersey Shore is paid per episode. Spoiler alert: It's a lot. Like "more than the president gets paid" a lot.

According to the papers, for season four of the hit MTV show, Pauly D (Christian name: Paul DelVecchio) made $100,000 for each of the 12 episodes, plus a $400,000 signing bonus and other compensation for after-shows, a launch special, a reunion show, and merchandising. Mr. D also received a $200,000 thank-you bonus for season four, just for being him.


ICM claims that for the upcoming season six of the show, DelVecchio will make $175,000 an episode, for a total of $2.1 million just to screw around with Vinny, work eight hours a week at a T-shirt shop stocked with merchandise bearing his name, and occasionally yell out "cabs are here."

The suit doesn't say whether the rest of the cast is paid the same amount, but it stands to reason that the payout is relatively uniform across the board, with the potential exception of Deena, who joined the show later and, while entertaining, is clearly a lesser cast member in a group that's already not that exceptional to begin with.

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