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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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MTV’s experiment with sending their Jersey Shore golem off to terrorize the villages of Italy has so far resulted in a traffic accident that nearly became an international incident, the Italian-American organization UNICO deeming Snooki our nation’s “worst-ever export” (you had your day, atom bomb), and Florence’s many lovely piazze and palazzi taking on a more modern historical importance as “that place that Ronnie and Sammi decided they were ‘done’ again.” Anyway, provided the cast is able to return without being “accidentally” drowned in the Arno, the just-announced fifth season will take place in good ol’ Seaside Heights, the original petri dish in which this ongoing social experiment first began to grow, alongside other things. Hopefully this will find the group similarly returning to their own roots and doing regular-person things again, such as lining up endorsement deals and preparing for those three separate Jersey Shore spin-offs in development.


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