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Jerry's Place lovingly recreates Seinfeld’s apartment in virtual reality

Illustration for article titled Jerrys Place lovingly recreates iSeinfeld/i’s apartment in virtual reality

The virtual reality system Oculus Rift has reached a new peak with the release of Jerry’s Place, a highly detailed virtual recreation of Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld. Finding the screenshots he found on the internet lacking, creator Greg Miller pored over countless episodes of Seinfeld to ensure complete accuracy.


It’s all there, including the requisite number of Seinfeld references; the checks on the table, an antique bicycle, and the computer from “The Serenity Now,” as well as a TV showing clips from Seinfeld. Not there, however, are things that a normal person would have in their apartment but that aren’t conducive to a TV set, like anything along the literal fourth wall, or a logically sized bedroom.

It’s available for a free download now, although you’ll need to have an Oculus headset to get the full experience. Miller has assured that he’ll release a non-Oculus version in the future, but in the meantime you can watch Youtuber Pancho Joshi play below. Unfortunately there seems to be no method to burst through the front door to studio applause yet, but we can dream.

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