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Jerry Seinfeld turned down a live Seinfeld reunion show


Ignoring the fact that we already got a perfectly good Seinfeld reunion seven years ago—in the form of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s seventh season, which saw star Larry David blunder his way in and out of a tribute special to the show he helped create—Jerry Seinfeld says he’s had to turn down a recent offer to do a live episode reuniting the series’ cast 18 years after they originally wrapped things up.

According to a recent interview Seinfeld gave to The Hollywood Reporter—pegged to his latest Emmy nomination for Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee—an unknown party recently made him an offer to do “a new, live episode of Seinfeld on TV.” Unfortunately, Seinfeld seems to have simply turned this faceless, Steinbrenner-esque figure down—instead of yelling “Get out!” and shoving them, like in our dreams—but he seemed pretty resolute about never revisiting the show’s self-absorbed version of New York again.


Given that Seinfeld continues to be hugely influential—up-to-and-including its lasting impact on the world of petty crime—you’d be forgiven for thinking it might be time to get Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer back together, as though it was never canceled and still NBC comedy program today. But Seinfeld-the-man is actually pretty busy these days: Comedians In Cars had one of its biggest seasons ever—securing interviews with Lorne Michaels, Steve Martin, and Garry Shandling, shortly before his death—with Seinfeld hinting that a TV version of the chat show might be in the works. Also, he just started watching ESPN’s O.J. Simpson show, which is presumably eating up a lot of his time.

Speaking of Curb, by the way, the stand-up comic was quick to express his excitement for its upcoming return. “Can you think of another popular show that went away and then came back five years later with the same cast?” he asked, while also expressing his willingness to go wherever Larry David asks him to. “Anything with Larry, I’m in,” he said (as long as it doesn’t involve bringing Seinfeld back, we have to assume).

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