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Jerry Seinfeld sort-of confirmed a Seinfeld reunion

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The mystery of what, exactly, the “big, huge, gigantic” thing that Jerry Seinfeld teased in a recent Reddit AMA has only deepened in the weeks since, with the rumors that he might be doing a Broadway play with Larry David (or that Larry David just didn’t want to talk to Roger Friedman at a party) further confused by the fact that he, David, and Jason Alexander were all spotted filming something at the old Seinfeld diner. And that discussion is likely to get even livelier—if no clearer—now that Seinfeld has confirmed that they have been working on a Seinfeld reunion… of sorts.

Appearing on WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton” show, Seinfeld said they weren’t filming an episode of his Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, nor were they filming a commercial—though he also added that it was “not not those things either.” He then submitted to a round of “20 Questions” wherein he confirmed that Alexander appeared in character as George (hence those photos of him sans hairpiece), that other Seinfeld characters were involved, and that they had also filmed in other locations (but not in the old Seinfeld apartment set).

Beyond that, he would say only that it’s a “secret project,” that it was a “one-and-done,” that it’s “short-ish form”—but longer than 60 seconds—and that we would all see it “very, very soon.” In the meantime, we’re still left to wonder what it might be. Lupus? Is it lupus?!

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