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We say this as massive fans of Jerry Seinfeld (and, by extension, Seinfeld, one of undisputed great sitcoms of all time), but is Jerry Seinfeld running out of jokes? Yes, it’s funny in the below trailer for Jerry’s upcoming Netflix special when he riffs on the gap between the floor and the bottom of a bathroom stall, and how sad it is to see “the lifeless, collapsed pant legs” of other people as you yourself evacuate, but this observational gripe is old territory, not just in culture but by Seinfeld himself.


See for yourself with this clip from Seinfeld’s season seven episode, “The Postponement.”

The rest of the teaser for the May special finds the comedian riffing on the special’s title, 23 Hours To Kill, with a vignette about him being held captive by an eyepatch-wearing supervillain, which, of course, just makes us think of Austin Powers.

The good thing is that Seinfeld, which aired its final episode nearly 22 years ago, continues to inspire young artists. Just recently we reported on a (surprisingly good) coronavirus-themed Seinfeld spec script, as well as both a Seinfeld-adjacent metal band and a horror video game, Sinfeld, that’s genuinely pretty spooky.


The hour-long 23 Hours To Kill, which was filmed at New York City’s Beacon Theatre, hits Netflix on May 5.

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