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If you’ve been wondering what the deal with comedy is and have been looking for some advice from an expert on the subject, Rolling Stone has some good news. According to that site (via the Associated Press), Jerry Seinfeld is getting ready to release his first book about comedy since 1993's Seinlanguage—making this his first comedy book in 27 years. The book is currently untitled, but the basic premise is that it will follow Seinfeld’s joke-writing career decade by decade, starting when he was a college student in the ‘70s (and, in theory, including the era when he was starring on a popular sitcom).


In a statement, Seinfeld explains that he kept “old-school accordion folders” of every funny thing he thought of on stage, while writing, or just in a conversation for 45 years, and he used that archive of funny things to put together this book. Of course, as we learned from that show we keep mentioning, there’s gotta be a few “Flaming Globes Of Sigmund” in there along with gems like “what’s the deal with airplane food?” or whatever. The book will be available on October 6.

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