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Jerry Seinfeld is the master of dodging hugs

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Proving that his show’s “No hugging, no learning” maxim wasn’t just a useful writing tool, but also a whole way of life, Jerry Seinfeld showed himself to be a masterful dodger of unwanted embraces this week, blocking a hug request from singer Kesha with practiced ease. The two were on the red carpet at the Kennedy Center last night when Kesha—apparently a big fan—approached Seinfeld, briefly introduced herself, and then asked him for a hug. The resulting exchange could serve as the centerpiece lecture in a “How To Be Jerry Seinfeld” class:


Step one of the Jerry Seinfeld system for never being hugged: A polite “No thanks!”

Step two: A slightly more panicked “No thanks!” as it becomes clear that the potential hug is still happening.

Step three: A quick step back, moving out of the range of the threatened embrace. One more “Yeah, no thanks!” for good measure.

Step four: Awkward, relieved laughter at the realization that human contact has once again been averted, and you can go back to your latest bit.


[via Vulture]

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