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Jerry Seinfeld ditches Crackle for Netflix in vicious streaming coup

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

In one of the most bloodthirsty moves in streaming video history, Variety is reporting that Jerry Seinfeld has dumped Crackle and is bringing a new season of his Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee series to Netflix instead. Furthermore, Netflix is getting all of the old episodes of Comedians In Cars as well, effectively gutting Crackle of its most high-profile original series. As far as news about an existing show going to a different content provider goes, this is thrilling stuff.

On top of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Netflix will also be streaming two exclusive stand-up specials from Seinfeld. The first of the specials and the first new season of Comedians In Cars will hit Netflix later this year, with the other special and subsequent seasons of the show coming in 2018 and onward. This all comes almost two years after Netflix refused Sony’s outrageous asking price for the streaming rights to Seinfeld (the show), with Hulu eventually stepping up and paying $180 million for them.


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