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Jerry Seinfeld and Marc Maron will be on Louie next season

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Instantly saving the Madagascar 3 press junket from being a veritable trail of tears, Chris Rock paused from an interview with Hollywood.com to take a cell phone call from Jerry Seinfeld, thus inadvertently providing the only interesting information that could possibly come from a Madagascar 3 press junket. It turns out that Seinfeld was calling to talk with Rock about his day of shooting on FX's Louie, where he will apparently make an appearance on the show's upcoming third season. Granted, this news is a literal game of telephone, relayed secondhand and without any official confirmation as yet. But clearly one doesn't interrupt an interview for Madasgacar 3 for frivolity, so you can probably accept it on faith. (That Louis C.K. has already drafted everyone else who appeared with him on HBO's Talking Funny—including Rock and Ricky Gervais—also lends it credence.)

The nature of Seinfeld's guest role is, of course, similarly unclear, though given Louie's meta nature, here's hoping he drops by to gently mock the self-indulgence of a comedian making a loosely autobiographical show about being a comedian. Speaking of which, Marc Maron let slip a couple of weeks ago that he also recently shot a Louie scene. You may recall that Maron's landmark, two-part WTF interview with Louis C.K. featured the old friends talking with typically unflinching honesty about their long relationship and the way they'd grown apart in recent years, suggesting that C.K.'s similarly loaded confrontation with Dane Cook may soon have some company. Or, we could be totally reading too much into this, and Seinfeld and Maron are just playing hot dog vendors or something. We're going to watch anyway.

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