As part of its ongoing mission to assemble the year’s weirdest cast and/or its craziest collection of behind-the-scenes stories, The Trust, an upcoming crime movie that stars voodoo thespian Nicolas Cage and catchy heroin-chic songstress Sky Ferreira, has added Jerry Lewis—a great film artist who once called this writer a “fucking Polak”—to its cast. (Elijah Wood is also in the movie, despite being, by all accounts, a totally reasonable person.)

Directed by siblings Ben and Alex Brewer, The Trust casts Cage and Wood as a couple of crooked Las Vegas cops who stumble upon a secret cache of drug money and decide to steal it. Lewis will be playing Cage’s father—a role that marks his first live-action film release in 20 years (Max Rose, which played out of competition at Cannes in 2013, remains unreleased) and will ideally involve a climactic weird-voice-off a la the ending of Scanners, with veins bulging out of Cage’s massive forehead.


Lewis’ voice will rise ever higher, multiplying into a whole nasal choir, forcing Cage to gnash his teeth so hard that they begin to shatter. Bits of broken tooth will dust the floor. And as flames begin to rise out of Lewis’ trembling palms, Cage will scamper off into the night, back to his pyramid-shaped mausoleum, no longer able to pronounce the letter r. That, or it could just be sulky and underwhelming, like Rage.