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Jerry Bruckheimer wants people to commit crimes for new reality show

Jerry Bruckheimer is looking to combine his yen for crime procedurals with his Emmy-hoarding The Amazing Race to create one reality-show beast for ABC called Take The Money And Run, which chronicles not the slapstick-y adventures of a nervous Jewish guy who robs banks, but rather a “high-stakes” competition that finds ordinary people trying to get away with “the perfect crime.” The project will reunite Bruckheimer with Amazing Race creator Bertram Van Munster, as well as other people who worked on that show but who have less awesome names. Take The Money And Run would seem to be a direct challenge to proposed shows from fellow big-shot producers like Michael Bay and Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, all of whom have been developing “reality” programs based on fantasy scenarios that have long fueled action movies and nothing else, because to engage in them in real life would likely lead to imprisonment, injury, or even death. We look forward to the announcement of Brett Ratner’s Just Randomly Killin’ Hookers any day now.


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