Not these clones, though

Jerry Bruckheimer has really been blowing up on TV lately. He’s doing a show about autopsies, a show about drugs, a show about a crime-solving sofa, a show about a Carrie Underwood song, an adaptation of American Gigolo, and probably a dozen or so that we’re forgetting about. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s developing an adaptation of Heather Hildenbrand’s Imitation, a digital novel about a society where rich people use clones of themselves “to maintain their status” and what happens when a clone takes over for the human she’s based on and “threatens to bring down everything her creators have built.”

Bruckheimer is working on the show for NBC, with Ian Sobel and Matt Morgan—who wrote for the TV version of From Dusk Till Dawn—working on the script. Alloy Entertainment is also involved, which is fitting since that’s the company behind the officially licensed fan fiction platform that Amazon launched last year. It’s basically doing the exact same thing here, but in reverse. If someone then takes Imitation and writes their on fan fiction based on it, maybe the universe will implode. Then Jerry Bruckheimer can make a show about that.