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Jeremy Renner's new song claims Heaven doesn't have a name, which is confusing fans (and everyone else)

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When he’s not killing marginalized groups as Hawkeye or breaking both of his arms playing tag, Jeremy Renner is scatting away to his hearts content. Or... well it sounds like it could be scatting while a cappella, but whatever you might call it, it’s actually a part of his single, “Heaven Don’t Have a Name.” It was released back in October under artist Sam Feldt, a Dutch DJ and producer, with Renner credited as the featured singer. Per his typical genre of “deep house,” the song would definitely be classified as EDM. But via his Twitter, Renner is re-releasing the single on his own in the more rock/country bracket. And the resurgence on the internet has people scratching their heads about the title and kind of just a general question of “WTF?”


The video, which is about 20 seconds long, features middle-school-dance strobe lights, an early 2000s video quality vibe, and a slight snippet of the new single. The music is guitar-heavy, a good pump up song for anyone who’s a fan of power chords or possibly “Taylor Hicks fronting Imagine Dragons” vibes, according to music writer and editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine on Twitter.

Then when you do come around to the lyrics, the biggest issue might rest with the title. His chorus is “Heaven don’t have a name,” yet... it’s heaven. The rest of the song doesn’t really elaborate on that nonsensical phrase, and as The Ringer’s Hawkeye expert, Danny Heifetz, points out, even Genius doesn’t really help make sense of the lyrics either. The best thing about it all, though, are the jokes on Twitter, as usual.


Between video edits of absurd placements of the song, to just straight up making fun of it, it truly is a gift. There’s a version online that seems to be a preview of the official track, but until the Avengers alum releases it himself, fans will have to wait at the edge of their seat for the non-scatting, country rock song. In the meantime, check out his cover of “House of the Rising Sun.”

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