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Jeremy Renner will help Amy Adams talk to aliens in Story Of Your Life

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeremy Renner has signed on to join Amy Adams in Story Of Your Life, the big-screen adaptation of Ted Chiang’s short story. As we said back in April, the film concerns an alien ship that has landed on Earth, and Adams plays a linguist who gets hired by the military to try and decipher the aliens’ language. However, in doing so, she begins to experience strange flashbacks that, in THR‘s words, “become the key to unlocking the greater mystery about the true purpose of their visit.” Renner will be playing a physics professor who works with Adams on the project, but we’re not sure what physics has to do with coming up with an alien version of Rosetta Stone.

Story Of Your Life is being directed by Prisoners’ Denis Villeneuve, which nobody would’ve cared about a few weeks ago, but now it seems like people might be curious to see more of his work. That’s because Villeneuve is directing the new Blade Runner movie, and a film like this will help get his name out there a little more before he tackles that highly anticipated/dreaded sequel.


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