As the asthmatics can tell you, spring is when the ragweed and Jeremy Renner counts are at their highest, and the past week has already seen them at their seasonal peak, with the suddenly ubiquitous actor signing on to two more franchises (The Bourne Legacy, Ice Age) to go with the two he already had (Mission: Impossible, The Avengers). Now comes news that Renner is launching his very own production shingle, The Combine, to help cultivate the Renner of future generations, and according to THR, his very first project as producer is a biopic of “King Of Cool” Steve McQueen that Renner hopes to star in, whenever he gets a second. Hopefully the film will include a montage where McQueen turns down all the famous roles he was offered—such as Ocean’s 11, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, Dirty Harry, Apocalypse Now, and The French Connection—just so Jeremy Renner can see what it feels like to say no.