Margin Call / Calvary

Continuing to put together a cast that suggests they don’t realize they’re making a movie based on a video game about historical parkour fanatics—and could thus stand to maybe coast a little bit—the producers of Assassin’s Creed have announced that Brendan Gleeson and Jeremy Irons have signed on to appear in the film. The pair will be playing a couple of dads in the murder-friendly thriller, with Irons playing Marion Cotillard’s father, and Gleeson playing Michael Fassbender’s.

Set for a December 2016 release, the film will star Fassbender as flip-friendly stabmaster Callum Lynch, sworn like all his order to follow the famous Dadssassin’s Creed. (“Nothing is true, everything is permitted, don’t leave the lights on when you exit a room.”) We don’t know yet what role Cotillard will be performing, although context clues suggest she’ll probably kill people, and that she’s definitely someone who has a father.


Assassin’s Creed continues to serve as a mini-Michael Fassbender reunion for its cast and crew; the Steve Jobs star previously worked with Cotillard and director Justin Kurzel on an adaptation of Macbeth, and just finished up crime drama Trespass Against Us with Gleeson (whose other recent credits include last year’s Edge Of Tomorrow and the dark comedy Calvary.) Irons, meanwhile, will have to stew in his outsider’s resentment like some sort of twisted Jeremy Irons villain, listening from afar to all the Fassbender-centric private jokes and plotting to take his revenge.

[via Deadline]