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Jeopardy! teen shows how to lose something, give no fucks

Screenshot: Deadspin

The Teen Tournament is going on right now on Jeopardy! If that’s not a thing you care about, you have that in common with contestant Sabrina Duong, who could not be bothered to give even the tiniest shit about losing yesterday.

She and the other teens were given the prompt: “Roughly half the size of Texas, it’s the largest structure made by living creatures and can even be seen from space.” Duong started with the traditional “What are—” before finishing “—THOSE?” After which she flashed a shit-eating grin and waved at the camera. Trebek did not like the answer, so she fucking danced it off.


This may have been a call-back to an elder meme; this may have just been our proof that the future is in good hands. Deadspin has the whole video, and it is extremely radical.


Duong won $45, which she will spend on whatever she damn well pleases.

[Note: Deadspin, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]


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