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Jeopardy! contestant sacrifices final round for sweet tribute to Alex Trebek

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has been undergoing treatment for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer since earlier this year, and though it previously seemed like his cancer was “near remission,” Trebek revealed back in October that his chemotherapy treatments were making it harder and harder for him to continue hosting the show. Unsurprisingly, concerns about Trebek’s health have hung over every episode of the show since Trebek announced his diagnosis, and on today’s installment of the annual Tournament Of Champions, contestant Dhruv Gaur decided to blow his chance at answering the Final Jeopardy clue by offering a note of support for Trebek instead.


Reading “We love you Alex!” in place of an answer, Trebek became visibly choked up for a moment—though, ever the professional, Trebek did manage to add “that’s very kind, thank you” before continuing on with his regular hosting duties. On Twitter, as #WeLoveYouAlex began to trend, Gaur offered some more information about what made him decide to go for the emotional victory (if not the actual Jeopardy! victory), saying that Trebek had just informed the contestants that he was continuing his cancer treatments. Gaur said he couldn’t stop thinking about Trebek during the game, so when Final Jeopardy came and he didn’t immediately know the answer, he decided to write his note instead.

He also tweeted that the Tournament Of Champions players are working together to raise money to fight pancreatic cancer.


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