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Jenny Slate conquers Stage Fright in the trailer for her first Netflix special

Most people know Jenny Slate from being the wooooooorst on Parks And Recreation or from when she said “symbiote” weird in Venom, but now we’ll all get to know her better in her upcoming Netflix special Stage Fright. This trailer makes it clear that this is all very real and personal and perfectly Jenny, and the central conceit is that Slate has terrible, nausea-inducing stage fright, so it makes sense that it’s all tailored around getting to know who she is as a person. Plus, the special will have some of Slate’s real home videos and interviews with her family, which may or may not just be there to keep her from having to fill the whole special with actual onstage stuff—that’s not meant to be judgmental, we would do the exact same thing if someone asked us to do a Netflix special. (Please don’t ask us to do a Netflix special.)

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright will premiere on Netflix on October 22.


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