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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg got a reality series, obviously

Jenny McCarthy and newly-minted husband Donnie Wahlberg have decided to celebrate their honeymoon in a manner uniquely suited to a former Playboy model and an aging New Kid On The Block: by inviting a camera crew along. The Wrap reports that McCarthy and Wahlberg have signed on for an A&E reality show called Donnie Loves Jenny that will presumably consist of 10 percent burgers, 20 percent fart jokes, 15 percent McCarthy adjusting her bra, 25 percent Boston accents, and 30 percent gross sex talk. And probably some tiny dogs. There are always tiny dogs on these shows. (Footage of producers furiously signaling for McCarthy to stop talking about vaccines will be saved for the DVD extras.)

Donnie Loves Jenny is set to premiere next year and will begin with a special one-hour wedding episode—McCarthy and Wahlberg were married on August 31, which means a camera crew could very well be shooting McCarthy and Wahlberg driving around LA or whatever right now. This will be the first in a series of reality shows the couple will produce for the network as part of an unscripted development deal. In a statement they definitely wrote themselves, McCarthy and Wahlberg expressed excitement about their threesome with America, saying, “Not only have we found a new home together, we have found the perfect place for our exciting new projects to live with A&E Network…Our feeling is, who better to make our first show for the network about than about us?”


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