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Jenny Lewis pays tribute to her Hollywood past with a star-studded new video

Fitzpatrick, Bayer, Mamet, and Lewis

Jenny Lewis and Vanessa Bayer must have engaged in a little tit for tat recently. Yesterday, Bayer launched a Lewis-centric episode of her web series, Sound Advice With Janessa Slater, and today Lewis premiered the music video for “She’s Not Me,” starring not only Bayer, but also Fred Armisen and Girls’ Zosia Mamet. Feist and Leo Fitzpatrick also make appearances in the clip, which apes several projects from Lewis’ Hollywood past, including The Golden Girls, The Wizard, Pleasantville, and Troop Beverly Hills. Bonus points to Armisen for his stunningly realistic portrayal of Sophia Petrillo, right down to the fuzzy pink bathrobe. Bayer’s Shelley Long isn’t half bad, either.

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