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Jenny Lewis has a film score and a new solo album in the works

It’s not new music from that band, but ex-Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis has several upcoming projects due. The former child actor has scored Very Good Girls, the directorial debut of Naomi Foner (mother of Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal) that stars Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen and screened at Sundance. Lewis tells Billboard she wrote “five or six” songs for Olsen’s songwriting character, using Rilo Kiley’s “Go Ahead” as a jumping-off point. She elaborated that the songs feel closer to her earlier music, complete with “some silly lyrics and some darker lyrics that I wouldn't necessarily gravitate toward now.” Though the film doesn't yet have a distributor, Lewis said the soundtrack would be released independently.

Lewis also has a new solo album in the works for release in early 2014, as well as a spring tour with “one of [her] bands.” (Probably not Rilo Kiley, though.) [via Pitchfork]

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