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Jenny Lewis duets with Brandon Flowers on his new solo album

As reported by Rolling Stone, Killer's frontman Brandon Flowers—who recently announced his upcoming solo debut, Flamingotold NME he'll be singing a duet with indie-rock chanteuse Jenny Lewis on one song on the record, which is due out sometime this fall. In the same interview, Flowers also let it be known that Brendan O'Brien, Daniel Lanois, and Stuart Price worked on Flamingo, and that the songs were originally intended to be Killers songs—that is, before the band went on hiatus earlier this year. Flowers, however, insists that this doesn't spell the end of The Killers, saying, "I see this as something that will only make the Killers stronger… I feel like I'm getting something out of my system with this album, but I want the next Killers album to be a wonderful collaboration between four guys who are ready to make the best record that they possibly can." In other words: The Killers are probably done for.


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