In a story rife with potential for naughty euphemisms, Deadline reports that the incredibly buoyant Jennifer Love Hewitt will bob back to the television surface after the recent drowning of Ghost Whisperer, starring in a Fox sitcom created by Wild Hogs (uh oh) director Walt Becker and described as “a female Big Bang Theory"—and we’re not sure what that means, really, other than it suggests Hewitt will play a nerd, possibly? Or rather, the TV version of a nerd? And that the show will center around how someone as nerdy as Jennifer Love Hewitt couldn't possibly get a date, because she is so unbelievably nerdy and unappealing? Anyway, those are all the details we have so far, and as we said, this article contains the words “big,” “bang,” and “wild hogs” in close proximity to Hewitt’s name, so you’ve probably already skipped to the comments.