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Jennifer Love Hewitt Can’t Hardly Wait for a sequel

Can't Hardly Wait

Following a screening of the flagship ’90s teen movie Can’t Hardly Wait at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (where even the dead had to endure lines like, “Let’s go, boys. Time is honey”), star Jennifer Love Hewitt has started a Twitter campaign to make a sequel.

First, she tweeted:


And then, as reliably as someone following you to the train station to confess her love— or at least marginal interest—Love Hewitt posted:

At this point, a Can’t Hardly Wait sequel is just a fantasy, something that you write a few sentences about and just hope will come true, rather than doing any actual work to put into motion. Of course, even though the movie has a pretty flimsy script, its cast has helped the characters endure for almost 20 years. And with nostalgia being a hot commodity in Hollywood these days, we’re not going to rule out Can’t Hardly Wait For The Reunion. Such short-sightedness would make us buttheads, or whatever people wearing JNCOs used to say.

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