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Jennifer Lopez will keep up the detective work on Shades Of Blue

(Photo: Josiah Kamau/Getty Images)

Operating on the general theory that says that if you’ve got Jennifer Lopez on contract, you might as well keep her, NBC has announced that it’s renewing Shades Of Blue for a third season. The show, which had its second-season premiere earlier this month, stars Lopez and Ray Liotta as corrupt cops attempting to dodge the heat of an FBI investigation.


Meanwhile, Lopez—who won a People’s Choice Award this year for her work on the show—continues to deepen her connection with NBC, with the network announcing earlier today that it’s green-lit World Of Dance, a new reality show that the pop star is executive producing. There’s no word yet on whether Liotta will get a similar deal, or if World Of Squinting Menacingly At Stuff will have to simply remain as a beautiful dream.

[via Variety]

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