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Jennifer Lawrence wants to direct, will soon just take over Hollywood

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In October, Jennifer Lawrence announced that she no longer gives a damn about coming across as “adorable” or “likable” just so institutionally misogynistic movie studios won’t get offended by a woman speaking. Basically, the gist of her argument was that she’s Jennifer fucking Lawrence, and she—as well as every other woman in Hollywood—deserves the same amount of god damn respect as any other actor, no matter what the assholes in suits think. (Lawrence didn’t swear that much in her original essay, but it does make things more exciting.)

Anyway, the new-and-improved bullshit-free Jennifer Lawrence recently told Entertainment Weekly that her next career goal is to become a director, and she has already signed on for her first film. It’s called Project Delirium, and it’s based on a New Yorker article about the government experimenting on soldiers with drugs and secret chemicals in the ‘60s. This film doesn’t really have anything to do with her essay from October, but we hope Lawrence decides to carry this “fuck you, I’ll do what I want” attitude into directing and she becomes a Kubrick-style mad genius who demands dozens of takes and does horrible things to her actors in the name of getting the perfect shot. It would be totally badass, and then she can start adding crazy clues in all of her films about how she helped fake the moon landing, even though it happened way before she was born.


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