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Following in the cement-covered footsteps of classic characters like Big Pussy Bonpensiero, Billy Costigan, and Joe “Donnie Brasco” Pistone, Jennifer Lawrence is set to break omerta (and Al Pacino’s heart) in Mob Girl, the story of real-world mafia wive-turned-informant, Arlyne Brickman.

Directed by The Young Pope/The New Pope creator Paolo Sorrentino, Mob Girl leaves the the rich world of fresh-faced papists behind for an adaptation of Teresa Carpenter’s 1992 true crime account of the same name. Like Carpenter’s book, Sorrentino and Lawrence’s movie will tell the story of Brickman, who, as Variety reports, grew up “among racketeers on the Lower East Side of New York City” and, after “dating ‘wiseguys,’” “running errands for them,” and “getting in on the action itself” ended up becoming a “police informant and major witness in the government’s case against the Colombo crime family.”


The adaptation will be written by Angelina Burnett, who has previously worked on The Americans, Halt And Catch Fire, Hannibal. There’s no word yet on whether Lawrence will take her old, “sweet and sow-wurr” American Hustle accent out for another spin with the role, but we can only hope.

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