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Jennifer Lawrence signs on for more of David O. Russell's Bullshit

As it seems the key to David O. Russell’s renewed commitment to seeing projects through to the end is surrounding him with familiar faces so he doesn’t get spooked, Jennifer Lawrence is now set to reunite with her Silver Linings Playbook director on Shitty Shitty Bullshit—which is what we’re going to call Russell’s perpetually “formerly titled” American Bullshit until he picks a new name already. Shitty Shitty Bullshit: Shit Just Got Real will also see a reunion between Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, who stars as the federal agent who devised the 1970s-era ABSCAM sting operation with the help of a notorious con artist and his mistress. Russell’s Fighter stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams are also attached to play that con artist and mistress, while Lawrence will now play Bale’s wife. Also on board are Jeremy Renner, as a politician at the center of the operation, and Louis C.K., likely as one of Cooper’s fellow agents. Not on board as of yet are either Mark Wahlberg or Robert De Niro. Presumably they know what they did.


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