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Jennifer Lawrence reportedly asked that her scene be cut out of Dumb And Dumber To

Once upon a time, when Jennifer Lawrence was an up-and-coming actress making a splash in indie movies like The Burning Plain and starring in unaired Buffy The Vampire Slayer parodies, she might have been thrilled at the chance to appear in a major release like Dumb And Dumber To. Since then, however, she’s gained considerably more clout, to the point where producers behind the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse have crafted the movie around the fact that she’s in it, all to satisfy demand for more of that sparkling charm that not even layers of blue bodypaint can hide.

Even so, Lawrence—a noted Dumb And Dumber fan—apparently did film a cameo for Dumb And Dumber To last fall, but retained the right to have it cut from the film if she didn’t like it. For whatever reason—possibly because she watched it—Lawrence reportedly decided to exercise that right. If true—and it should be noted that both the Farrelly brothers and a representative from Lawrence’s camp denied the claim—it represents a hit to the film’s chances for success, as even a fleeting appearance from Lawrence is guaranteed to at least double a movie’s box office returns.


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