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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2

At the age of 25, Jennifer Lawrence is already accomplished enough to do just about anything she wants in Hollywood, which as of late includes cutting her scene from Dumb And Dumber To, announcing she’s done being Mystique in the X-Men films, and writing a movie/riding a jet ski with new best friend Amy Schumer. Now Deadline reports she might be re-teaming with her Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 and Part 2 director Francis Lawrence on an adaptation of Jason Matthews’ espionage novel Red Sparrow, marking the duo’s transition from fictional birds to real birds. The project is also apparently in the “maybe” column for David Fincher, and Justin Haythe is said to be rewriting a script by American Hustle scribe Eric Warren.

The book takes place in contemporary Russia as intelligence officer Dominika Egorova is turned into a “trained seductress” spy assigned to work on a “first-tour CIA officer who handles the agency’s most sensitive penetration of Russian intelligence.” Deception, double-crossing, and sexual tension inevitably ensue, with Egorova seeking revenge against the people who forced her to become a “red sparrow.” (Possibly because it’s essentially the same job as Black Widow, but not nearly as dangerous of a name.) Since the film is still in its very early stages, it’s unclear when we can expect it in theaters, but Lawrence has another David O. Russel-and-crew film, Joy, debuting this Christmas, and that movie where her and Chris Pratt fall in love in space is officially happening. So there’s plenty of upcoming concrete Jennifer Lawrence content to supplement this potential Jennifer Lawrence content until it too becomes reality.


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