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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are being courted for a sci-fi love story

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt could soon become the most likable couple in the universe, as they’re both in early negotiations to star in Sony’s sci-fi love story Passengers.

The film is set on a spacecraft making a 100-year-plus journey, giving Pratt’s character plenty of time to muster up the courage to ask Lawrence’s character if he can float by her cryo-tube sometime. Later, he’ll knock on the lid, brandish an open bottle of Malbec dribbling out in perfect spheres, and say, “Any room in that tank for two?” She’ll either laugh or tell him to screw off—it doesn’t really matter because they’re both hot and stuck on the same ship, so they’ll definitely end up together.


The screenplay was written by Jon Spaihts, who is scripting Marvel’s Dr. Strange and who also worked on Prometheus, a movie that similarly focused on intimacy between space travelers—and the miracle of life that results. Morten Tyldum, director of The Imitation Game, is in talks to direct Passengers, having already proven that he can mount a story about people at the apex of discovery who are preoccupied with their sex lives.

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