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Jennifer Jason Leigh is the latest to move to Twin Peaks


Is it possible that none of the classic characters we knew and loved from the original run of Twin Peaks will show up on Showtime’s revival? We already know Kyle MacLachlan will be there, and set photos have suggested that Sheryl Lee will make an appearance as well, but what if that’s it? Michael Ontkean’s Sheriff Truman apparently won’t be there, and doing something unexpected like keeping the familiar faces at a bare minimum does seem like it would be right up David Lynch’s alley.

Anyway, Deadline is reporting that Jennifer Jason Leigh is the latest new addition to the cast of Showtime’s Twin Peaks. Deadline’s spies found out about this from—what else?—secret set photos, so her role in the show hasn’t been officially confirmed. Still, we can guess that she’ll either be playing someone with a mysterious secret or someone who is connected to someone with a mysterious secret by virtue of living in the same town. Leigh will be joining fellow newbies Robert Knepper, Amanda Seyfried, and Peter Sarsgaard.


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