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Jennifer Aniston thinks Ross and Rachel are “absolutely” still together

Screenshot: Friends Season 2 Episode 14, “The One With The Prom Video” (Favorite Videos)

The characters of Ross and Rachel on the sitcom Friends spent most of the show’s 10 seasons embroiled in on-again off-again hijinks: pining from afar, finally getting together, going on a break, getting married, getting divorced, getting pregnant, and having baby Emma before finally reuniting for good in the 2004 series finale.

Fifteen years later, Jennifer Aniston is making the rounds to promote her latest matchup with Adam Sandler, Murder Mystery, premiering this Friday on Netflix, which is also the streaming home of all the Friends episodes. As Aniston spoke with The Today Show yesterday, interviewer Natalie Morales declines to add fuel to the fire about that so-far-purely-speculative Friends reunion, but does ask Aniston to speculate about the current relationship status of Ross and Rachel.


Those who have devoted countless hours to Friends reruns will be relieved to hear that Aniston thinks the pair would “absolutely” still be together. (Their eventual remarriage was pretty much confirmed on the Friends spinoff Joey, as Joel complained that he left New York because all his friends were married and starting families.) Deciding on the current age of Emma seems to be a stumper though, and it’s Aniston’s co-star Sandler who’s closest to the mark—much more so than Morales, who guesses, “25?”—telling Aniston: “She’s vaping in high school, and you’re looking the other way. Way to go.” As Emma made her TV debut in May 2002, yep, she’d be 17 now, a realization guaranteed to make the result of us feel about 100 years older.

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