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Jennifer Aniston passed on joining the Saturday Night Live cast

As we’ve said, alternate timelines are very much in vogue right now, and today the strange Elseworld where Abraham Lincoln killed vampires, John never met Yoko, and Marty McFly looked all wrong has birthed yet another unsettling vision, this one of a past where Jennifer Aniston was a Saturday Night Live player. Yesterday Aniston appeared on Oprah alongside Adam Sandler, her co-star in the forthcoming Jennifer Aniston Is Not Attractive And Then Suddenly Is, and the discussion turned to their shared history and the time Sandler encouraged her to come and join the SNL cast, going so far as Aniston actually taking a meeting with Lorne Michaels. Of course, Aniston says she turned down Michaels’ offer, choosing to do Friends instead: “They thought I was making a huge mistake,” she said. And thus history was denied more from the stable of characters Aniston had already established on short-lived sketch show The Edge, including Ditzy Bikini Model, Ditzy Groupie, and Ditzy Goldie Hawn’s Ass.

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