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Dumpster fires continue to rage this year—or, if you’re tired of that expression, a whole landfill inferno—with only occasional extinguishing, like when Simon & Schuster decided to pull Milo Yiannopoulous’ book deal. The former Breitbart editor/troll at large has had quite a week, really: Larry Wilmore told him to shut the fuck up, he had to resign from his job, and again, he’s no longer signed to a $250,000 deal with S&S for whatever compilation of hatred the publisher was going to print for him. It may appear that Yiannopoulos is simply receiving his just deserts for siccing his followers on Leslie Jones, but his sudden shunning by conservatives is more likely the result of his disturbing comments about pedophilia.

In any case, the air was thick with schadenfreude when Jenna Jameson decided to defend Yiannopoulos on Twitter. The former adult film star is a staunch Trump supporter, so she was speaking up for the president following his recent erroneous statements about a terror attack in Sweden that never happened. In the midst of making Islamophobic comments—which she insists she made as a Jew—Jameson called the backlash against Yiannopoulos a “smear campaign.” She also claimed he was an “important conservative leader for this generation,” which is probably about right, given their ilk.

Jameson also referred to the nation of Sweden as the “rape capital of the world,” a salvo that was only followed by rational discourse. Wait, no, she appeared to cast the Ku Klux Klan in a more favorable light than Muslims.

[via The Daily Beast]


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