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Jenna Fischer to play working mom opposite Matt LeBlanc on CBS sitcom

The Office

Variety is reporting that Jenna Fischer has found her latest TV-husband, and like John Krasinski on The Office, it happens to be another guy who was on an NBC comedy for a million years: Matt LeBlanc. Fischer has joined the cast of LeBlanc’s new CBS comedy pilot, and she’ll be playing a mom who “decides to go back to her job as a medical lab technician.” That leaves her husband, LeBlanc’s character, to stay at home and raise the kids—or “take over the parenting chores” as Variety describes it.

The project was originally titled I’m Not Your Friend, based on the parenting style of LeBlanc’s character, but it sounds like the title is going to be changed to something less aggressively meta before the show makes it to air. Speaking of, the pilot has a series commitment from CBS, which means the network will have to pay LeBlanc if it doesn’t get picked up. Basically, this is just a solid win for Fischer.


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