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Jenna Fischer, Ellie Kemper, and Ed Helms all try to bully SNL host Steve Carell into that Office reboot

Ellie Kemper, Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell, Ed Helms
Screenshot: Saturday Night Live

With former The Office star, current dramatic leading man, and three-time host Steve Carell in the house for last night’s Saturday Night Live, several audience members couldn’t help but pester him during his monologue about when/if a rumored reboot of the classic-for-most-of-its-run NBC series was happening. Specifically, Carell’s former Office-mates Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, and Jenna Fischer were doing most of the pestering, apparently all hungry for that sweet, sweet nostalgia programming cash. SNL’s Kenan Thompson joined in, too, rebutting Carell’s hesitancy to revisit his iconic role by proclaiming that, yes, in fact, it would be an honor if Nickelodeon (or perhaps reboot haven Netflix) were to dish out for another round of Kenan & Kel.

But the patiently demurring Carell wasn’t swayed, not even when The Office’s second receptionist called him a jerk, its rage-prone, banjo-plucking worst salesman promised that it would mean Carell wouldn’t have to do those sad movies anymore, and Dunder Mifflin’s original receptionist told him not to be a dick. (Which is what she now claims Pam whispered to Michael Scott at the airport that time.) Not even a direct appeal from Carell’s real-life wife (and former SNL cast member) Nancy and his bored-looking kids that they really, really don’t need him around the house so much could break the Beautiful Boy star’s resolve. Still, Carell invited his former castmates up on stage in what’s likely the closest thing fans are going to get for a big, feel-good Office reunion, although Carell teased the hell out of them by exclaiming, “I’m proud to announce, officially that . . . we have a great show tonight!” Dick.


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